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I Smile because....

"My students are a constant source of inspiration. They make me smile!"
- Mrs. Carlene Anderson

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Beisy: "If my teacher was my mother, then I would smile. I would smile
because she is like my real mother. Whenever I think of my mom I smile.
I smile because she is beautiful. When I think about myself, I also smile.
Do you know why I smile whenever I think about myself? I smile because
I am gorgeous! When I see my stepmom, I smile. I smile because she
treats me like my mom treats me. Whenever I hug my dad, I smile.
I smile because I pretend that I am hugging my mom."
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Iz'Jahmier: "When you smile, do yo like it? Well, when I smile, I do like it.
I like it because I don't have to be in the shadows. I like to show my beauty
and my passion. When I smile, I feel like I can't lose hope. I love to smile!
You should too."
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Nine: "Wow, have you smiled lately? I have! I smile because my dad makes
jokes. Also, I smile because my brother and sister are silly. I love smiling
because my friends smile back at me."
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Jermaine: "Do you know why I smile? I smile because joy is inside of me.
I smile because my family loves me. When my family members look at me,
they make me smile. Another reason why I smile is because of my friends
and teachers! Whenever I smile it is because of my beautiful life!."
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Riana: "I smile because it makes me look gorgeous. My smile is unique! I
also smile because my mom wants me to smile, and she said I am a very
pretty girl. I always smile whenever my mom, my brother, and I say jokes.
Do you think I have a great smile? I think my smile is beautiful."
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Sandra: "Do you know what makes me smile? When I think of my friends,
I smile. Also, I smile whenever I take a picture and whenever my teacher
compliments me. I like to smile. Do you? Smiling is great for me and you!"
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Gabrielle: " Do you know why I smile? I smile whenever I am happy. I like
to smile. Also, I smile because I want all the people that are around me to
know that I am happy. I look cute whenever I smile. That's why I like to
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Dennis: "I wonder why I smile? I smile when something is funny. I love to
laugh! Another reason why I smile is to take a picture. Whenever something
hits my funny bone, I laugh. Sometimes, I even laugh for no reason at all,
but I try to hold it in."
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Michelle: "Do you know why I smile? I smile because of jokes, funny books,
and when my mom hugs me. Jokes are funny. Funny books are hilarious!
Whenever my mom hugs me, it's lovable. I'm proud of my smile. I'm special
because of my smile. Do you like my smile?"
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Sha'Asia: "Wow, have you smiled lately? Well, I smile all the time. My sister
and brother make me smile all the time. My life is always fun. School is fun
to learn. I have many reasons to smile."
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Tiara: "Wow, have you ever smiled lately? Well, I smile with my friends.
I like to smile because I look pretty. I love to smile! Do you like to smile?
I think smiling is my favorite expression. Do you know I smile because I think
about me having a big house and a nice car when I grow-up? I smile about a
lot of things in my life. I am glad that I have a great smile."
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Mrs. Anderson: "Smile! I ask myself, "Why do I smile as often as I do?" Well,
I'll share a few reasons why I've smiled lately. The other day, Tiara brought
in her homework folder with a note attached. Her mom explained that the
dog ate her homework. While reading the note, I smiled. The bite marks in
the paper tickled me.

Jermaine also brought a smile to my face. He insists on crooning during
instruction time. Although I would rather reprimand him for interrupting
my lesson, I took a glance into the future and imagine him singing before
shouting fans. I smile!

My most recent source of amusement in class, was when Angel shared his
method of forecasting the weather. He stated that it's more accurate to
predict the weather by putting saliva on the tip of your finger and holding
it up in the air to judge how the wind blows. He continued very convincingly
that the direction of the wind will tell if there is going to be a storm. Isn't
that hilarious?

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